Our darling Kyra Root and TempleDolls Apollo

I would like to thank all of the the people who were so gracious to make this a dream come true for Kyra and her family.  

Thanks to my children — who are involved every step of the way in raising our amazing ragdoll kittens: you boys make it possible for our kittens to go to their new families as confident, playful, and loving family members.

Thanks to Antoinette Lagerwij who donated her airline miles and landed a roundtrip ticket for me and Apollo.  

Thanks to United Airlines for waiving the pet traveling fee and allowing Apollo to ride in the cabin with me.  

Thanks to Wendy Bainbridge for donating some cash to help me meet the costs of the kitten — and also buy a fabulous dinner out for me and Karon… and tickets for the kiddos to go up to the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis!

Thanks to my mother Joyce Loew for setting up the donation site to help the Root family meet the expenses of moving into their own place. They’ve been without their own place for over a year, and this had been a tremendous help.  

Thanks to my friends who donated money to the donation site.

To my vet, Emily Hoard, DVM who donated his well-check/shots/de-worming/fecal check… and who also paid out of pocket for his travel certificate.

Thanks to floppycats.com for donating the ebook on bringing home your Ragdoll Kitten.

This has been such a phenomenal and enjoyable journey. The Root family has been facing one crisis after another. They are still TOGETHER. 

I am honored to have met them, and to have made new friends. And I am also so thrilled to have some faith in humanity restored after seeing how the kindness of strangers can make dreams come true.

Thank you to the Root family for opening your story to us, and inspiring so many through courage... and your "realness." It is my sincerest hope that your ragbaby will bring simple joy to your days — throughout his lifetime.  And I am so thrilled to have new lifelong friends.  I love you all.
TempleDolls Apollo
A son of our Lotus and Poe.
Being such a good boy flying to Missouri!  Having a nice floppy nap.
Kyra earned her angel wings in February of 2013. The day after her 9th birthday. We sure miss you sweetie!!