~ Traditional Ragdoll Colors and Patterns ~

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Traditional Ragdolls have three distinct patterns:

#1 Colorpoint
 #3 Bicolor
 #2 Mitted
Dark points and a white and creamy body
Inverted white "V" on the face; dark tail and ears; white chest, tummy and legs; creamy to dark body
Dark points, and four white mits: two white mittens in the front, two white boots in the back.  Oh, and a white chin!
Ragdoll COLORS are Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Flame, Red, and Cream.
Tortie and Lynx markings can overlay all colors and patterns. Only females are torties. 
Ragmeister Fiama Bella of Purfectdolls
~ Sophia's Mom ~ 
Hemlock Trails Bel Leone of Purfectdolls
~ Sophia' Dad ~ 
Lotus of Templedolls
Red Mitted
Seal Mitted
Blue Mitted
Lynx Bicolor
Mitted Tortie
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