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The Temple Dolls Ragdoll Cats of Colorado
Women's Co-op

The co-op is a partnership program that I have created to empower and support women I trust.  This program also allows us to continue to meet the needs of the families we serve.  It has allowed us to expand our program while keeping focus on the health and well-being of our breeding cats and their babies
-- by preventing over-population of the cattery.  

This program empowers women and their children by teaching them the skills of the husbandry practice, and by earning income on the kittens that they raise.  I will only partner with and train women that I have an established friendship with.

Partners are contracted with TempleDolls, vetted, and fully trained by me.  They are fully equipped to raise and socialize our sweet doll babies in their homes (and are required to supply their space as instructed by me).  They are constantly mentored by me and spend a lot of time training in my home.  They adhere to the highest standards set by TempleDolls.  Partners are provided with all of the same clinic grade cleaners used in the main cattery, feed the same food, and focus on health and under-foot socialization of the kittens.  Partners are also present at the adoption days with the litters that they are raising.  I visit with the kittens numerous times during their upbringing as well.  
The human members of our partner home, and Gunner!