A great big "thank you" to our clients who have been so gracious as to give us updates on these babies who were once a part of our everyday lives.  We love and remember each one of them individually.  I've put the original TempleDolls names on their photos, for those of you who follow the litters.  Cheers, Janet.
Client Testimonials
"We picked up our first Temple Doll, Elspeth, in late August, 2012. She was 12 weeks old, healthy, beautiful, loving and spirited. Elspeth was comfortable and friendly with everyone; neighbors, friends, family, most importantly our 1 year old granddaughter. We quickly decided we didn't just want one of these loving, playful and beautiful cats, so we contacted Janet and to our good fortune Elspeth's litter mate, Merlin, joined us. He has all of the qualities of his sister and our granddaughter adores him as well. They have grown into beautiful cats and are wonderful companions who love to be in our company. Anyone who brings one of Janet's kittens to their "forever home" will be lucky indeed!"

Mark and Karen, Colorado.
Elspeth -- a Colorpoint Girl; and Merlin -- a Seal-Mitted Boy.  Brother and sister... out of our wonderful Lotus and Poe.  
"I was fortunate enough to come across 'Crosby' a seal mitted kitten with the cutest little face on the TempleDolls website. I immediately contacted Janet and was impressed with her knowledge and passion for the breed. Having not owned a kitten in 10+ years, she was able to answer any questions that I had and offered great advice and tips on everything from food, grooming, litter box training to vaccines. She always keeps in touch and lets you know that she is there to help. Crosby is now almost 6 months old and is the sweetest most loving boy. He follows us everywhere, loves to cuddle and is very family friendly (he even won my dog loving husband over!). I would definitely use TempleDolls again as Janet has the most perfect little kittens!" 
Nicole, Colorado.
with Crosby, a seal-mitted boy out of Lotus and Poe.

I hope all is well; sounds like Templedolls is growing.

Quinn is a great kitten full of personality(and himself). He had picked up on fetching his little feather toy...brings it to me and wants it thrown and repeat, and repeat. He now weights almost 13 pounds (at 8 1/2 mos), he coat is darkening up, and never wants to anywhere but around us.

Everything you and I discussed when we were picking a Ragdoll kitten has been spot on, from how socialized he would be, to his demeanor, everything!

Best of luck with your coming litters and all the lucky people who choose to get a Templedoll kitten."
Linda and Larry, Virginia.
          with Quinn, a seal-mitted boy out of Willow and Poe.
"Janet you did a beautiful job of raising these baby ragdolls. My Lexi, when I picked her up to bring home, she was not afraid of the ride in the car because you had her used to it. She just looked out the side window. When I would take her in for her shots, the girls there would just stop doing what they were doing and want to hold my little girl. They would tell me how beautiful she is. I think now I should of named her "Shadow" because she does follow me from room to room. She can be sound asleep in her tree and if I get up the go to the other room, she is right behind me at my feet. I just love this girl more than words can say. She is the love of my life. You couldn't have done a better job of getting these babies ready for their new forever homes. Thank you very much for bringing us together."
Deb, Colorado.
"We previously had a Siamese and an Oriental Shorthair cat, but never had the pleasure of owning a Ragdoll until now. All I can say is Wow! We love our little dog, (I mean cat) Remy! She has charmed everyone in the family including my dog loving husband and even the dog himself! I have never seen a cat so comfortable with a such a rambunctious dog. Our dog is a Brittany and quite active. It’s amazing to see how our dog watches over Remy, and It’s also easy to see who wears the paws in the family! Templedolls exceeded my expectations by not only providing a cat of exceptional quality, but one that was more than ready to become a endearing member of our family! Thank you so much!You can see that Remy has grown quite a bit! She is a beautiful cat and so smart! We love her beyond words!"  
Debbie, Colorado
with Remy, a daughter of Lotus and Poe.
"Our experience with Temple Dolls Ragdolls has been everything we had hoped for when we were looking for a quality Ragdoll breeder. Janet Muse has given us all the information, guidance, and support we needed to choose the right Ragdolls for our companions and to raise them to be healthy and happy, and to fit in with our family. We think Temple Dolls Ragdolls are the most beautiful Ragdolls we have ever seen and our kittens Sebastian and Samson are two of the neatest cats we have ever had.  Everything I said we really believe, you are a great Ragdoll mommy!"
Elizabeth, Colorado
with Sebastian (left), a seal-mitted son out of Lotus and Poe;
AND Samson (right), a seal-mitted son out of Willow and Poe.

TempleDolls Orion
TempleDolls Psyche.
TempleDolls Orion.
TempleDolls Orion (above) and Psyche.
TempleDolls Crosby. :)
TempleDolls Bagheera.
TempleDolls Athena.
TempleDolls Zeus and Cheshire.
TempleDolls Cheshire.
Janet is amazing. Her beautiful kittens were all so beautiful it was hard to choose. We chose Apollo and we have never looked back. He is exactly what we were looking for. He is big, beautiful, healthy, and just the best addition to our family I could ever ask for. He made my daughter really happy. You can really see the care and love she pours into her kittens.

Karon, Missouri.
with Apollo, a son of Lotus & Poe.
Sweet Kyra with TempleDolls Apollo.  We miss you so much angel girl.
Not yet a year old.  BIG boy... and growing.  
with Lexi, a seal-mitted daughter of Willow and Poe.
TempleDolls Gus-Gus. :) A beautiful GIRL!  
TempleDolls Apollo, a seal-mitted son of Lotus and Poe.
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"Just an update...Bantam is running the home now...period....he thinks that this is his "kingdom" and we are just living in it because of his graciousness...Wow...what a cat....he has more personality than more than half the human beings I have met in my life...you were right...."

The Schaffer family, with Bantam out of Nova and Poe.
Templedolls Bantam.
I picked up Shira (Opal) out of Nova and Poe just as she turned 12 weeks old. This is the first Ragdoll I've ever owned, but had admired and wanted one for quite some time. Things fell into place within a matter of days, which I understand never happens as these kittens are always so in demand there are waiting lists. I therefore believe it was a match that was meant to be. 

 First of all, even before I picked her, up Janet had provided me with a wealth of information; about the breed, specific health concerns, information about how to appropriately care for and feed her, Immunization dos and don'ts, even information about Christmas decorations and plants. 

Clearly, Janet provides a wonderful home for these cats. Shira (Opal) came to me clean, well nourished, and with a very compatible personality for our family. She made friends with our other two cats who are about eight years old. In fact the male is her playmate. She has him playing like a kitten. 

We love her personality. She is the perfect mix of saucy/spicy/sweet. Not clingy or needy, but affectionate. She IS the Queen and definitely in charge of the cat toys and the three kitty condo/scratchers. But she happily shares. She loves to follow me around the house and is curious about everything I do. She tried the treadmill, but decided it wasn't her cup of tea, so instead she sticks to running through the house, escapades of what can only be described as Shira gymnastics, and play with us and especially fat Freddy. 

Janet also regularly keeps in touch and checks in to see how Shira is progressing. All in all we are completely delighted with Shira and I would recommend Janet Muse's kittens/cats without reservation. 

Lorraine Bailey, Colorado
with TempleDolls Opal, a daughter of Nova & Poe.

Lorraine with Templedolls Opal, out of Nova and Poe.
Templedolls Opal.